Pupil Info


  • This is a demanding project, but you’ll find it rewarding;
  • You’ll be building a complex musical instrument from scratch;
  • It’ll take you between six and nine full days in the workshop;
  • If you’re not the sort of person who can stick at a project right to its end, then this isn’t for you.

Age Group

  • In your school, this project is likely to be restricted to S1, S2 and S3 pupils.  S4, S5 and S6 pupils will probably be too busy working towards exams to fit banjo building in to their schedule.

Skill Level

  •  If you are coping well with practical project work in your school’s design and technology department, you can manage this project;
  • On the other hand, if your hand/eye co-ordination is below average and you struggle to work manually in the department, you will have difficulty coping;


  • You’ll have the opportunity to personalise your banjo;
  • You’ll design the shape of the peg head;
  • If your school has a laser cutter, you may be able to design a motif to engrave or inlay in to your peg head;
  • It’s likely that there’ll be a choice of wood species for the peg head veneer and the finger board.


  • The only cost will be for materials, at around £45 per person.
  • Your school may ask you to pay the full amount, or it may find a way to subsidise you.


  • Places will usually be limited to five pupils;
  • If the project is oversubscribed, it’s likely that we’ll draw names from a hat;
  • If you have a track record of indiscipline and disruptive behaviour in the design and technology department you may be denied this opportunity;

Learning to Play

  • Once you’ve built your banjo, there’ll be support to get you started playing;
  • Lessons in school;
  • Skype lessons may be available.